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Submitted on
April 22, 2009
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Dear Aristocrat

So the Slum Rat
Came Back

I guess I have to say this
This way
Or else neither of us will
Hear anything.

Though I’m sure you know,
I’m the one who needs to
open my eyes
And close my mouth

(Don’t worry about my ears
If they weren’t open,
How would I respond to

I don’t know why I’m
Writing this way
A real letter would be
More effective.

Doubt you’ll read this
Or write back

Sometimes I wonder why you
Stand me, Aristocrat

Sure, you tell me I’m
The Best (a lot)
But you shouldn’t
(You know why)

I hate to say this,
But we’re the
Same end of
A magnet

Not smart to put together

I’m surprised you don’t
Get rid of me
Send me away
Forget about everything

Not because it’s an
You’d just get some
Quiet, for once.

(Seriously, how do you stand me?)

I wish things were
I don’t know where
My tongue got so sharp.

I have to be honest.
I cannot change.

What I am
Is all I am

Same goes for you
I guess

I must be wasting your time
If you’re reading this
Or planning to
Write back
(You’re not, are you?)

Fine, fine.
I’m the poet
Not you
I got it


Since I’m going
Away for a bit
You’ll get quiet.
I’m glad. You’ need it

I’m so loud all the time.

I guess that’s it again.

We’re both loud
I just have
To be

What I’m trying to
Say is that

I probably won’t sleep tonight
(Oh, that’s not it!)
But I won’t

You will though
That’s good.

So I’m going away
For a bit
Do you want
Me to
Come back?


Well, anyway
I snuck past you
To write this

Don’t think you care though
Oh well.

I don’t like being
Proved wrong
Especially by you
(Same goes for you too
You have to be right)

Oh well.

This is longer than

Good ol’ waste of

I guess I’ll get out
And say it


But you’ll have to
Deal with me- breaking everything
my way

This is my goodnight
I didn’t want to
Disturb your work

Guess you didn’t read this
Despite all this writing
You still got the
Last word


Forever Yours
The Slum Rat
I guess I've strated writing sort-of journal entries in the form of a poem/letter to my dad.
It helps me vent...
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